Rapid Response Clinic

This is a free walk-in clinic  for children aged between 4 and 19 years of age who have sore throats and/or skin problems.

Clinic hours:
Monday – Thursday 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Friday 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Healthy Homes

This is a service that supports whānau to live in warm, dry and healthy homes. The team work in collaboration with different groups as part of a wrap around service. They may be able to support eligible families by providing education, insulation, beds and bedding, curtains, carpets, WINZ entitlements, and more. Whānau are welcome to self refer.

Health Promotion

  • Smoking Cessation Support : We have special interest in smoking cessation techniques.
  • Predict: A screening tool for cardiovascular risk factors – double appointment.
  • Diabetes Get Checked Programme: An annual review of your diabetic care.
  • Engage: Assisting you with any emotional and stress-related disorders
  • Green Prescription: Assisting you to develop healthy exercise habits


  • Blood Collection:  We are able to take bloods Monday to Thursday, before midday. There is no charge for enrolled patients.
  • Repeat prescriptions:  We are able to provide repeat prescriptions. Please give us 24 hours notice when requesting. The cost is $12 to collect and $15 to fax elsewhere.
  • Home Visits: These are available in some situations. There is normally a $60 fee in addition to the normal consult fee.
  • Benefit Forms/Medical Certificates/Driver’s Medicals: Please advise the reception staff that you will be seeing the doctor for one of these as we need to allow additional time, you may also need to see the nurse before seeing your doctor.
  • We also can provide IUCD insertion,  ECGs,  Liquid Nitrogen, ACC care and minor surgeries.